Activated charcoal is one of the most popular skin care products on the shelves today. Charcoal becomes “activated” through the heating process of the substance its sourced from such as coal, wood or coconut shells.

Activated charcoal traps unwanted chemicals in its pores through absorption and aids our skin in the removal of toxins.

Here are a few of my favorite charcoal products:

Charcoal Bar Soap

Made with coconut oil, green tea, witch hazel and all kinds of other detoxifying ingredients.
Perfect as a makeup remover/facial cleanser because the charcoal acts as a magnet removing all the dirt from your skin.
You can use it has a safer underarm cleanser to help deep clean your skin before using a natural deodorant.
Use on the back of your arms to help treat keratosis pilaris.

Since charcoal removes oil from your skin through the absorption process, I suggest not using this product daily if you have dry skin.

Charcoal Balancing Spray

Made with coconut oil, peppermint oil and other calming ingredients.
The charcoal powder and kaolin clay work together to refine skin texture and absorb oil which makes it perfect for prepping the skin before applying your makeup.
Infused with rose hip oil which is amazing for refreshing the skin, perfect for travelling or jetlagged skin.

Spraying a small after your night time skin care routine gives your skin an extra boost that will have you feeling revitalized in the morning.

Charcoal Mask

The mask helps to minimize the appearance of pores and clears away any unwanted blackheads.
Exfoliates the skin and smooths out the skin tone.
Use as an acne spot treatment instead of a full mask for those unwanted monthly visitors.
I recommend using the mask 2 times a week, especially after a night of wine drinking and chocolate eating.

Now you if put ALL 3 products together, this combo is will super charge your skin to a whole level of clarity.

Disclaimer: This Blog is not sponsored by any brand, it is 100% based on my experience.

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