The night before Brady’s surgery everyone went to bed except for Bella and me. You could hear a pin drop the house was so quiet. I couldn’t turn off all the anxious feelings I had about the next day. We had been waiting for this day since Brady was born. Within the first six weeks of Brady’s life we knew at a year-old Brady would have corrective hand surgery to improve his congenital movement.

It was morning, as I finished packing a few last-minute things I felt relieved as I knew this anxious feeling would finally go away once the surgery was over. When Brady was prepped and ready for surgery they asked if I wanted to hold him as they put him to sleep. I held him so tight as he drifted off into dreamland and sunk so deep into my arms. Letting go was the hardest part for me that day. Brady was in the operating room for seven hours before we could see him.

Ryan and I spent weeks talking about the recovery process and we knew he would need lots of attention and cuddles. When he woke from surgery in the recovery room, he was not a happy baby. He cried non-stop for hours at a times and the only thing that brought him comfort was being pushed around in his stroller. We walked… (I mean I walked) 22km from the time Brady was in recovery till the next day, when he was released.

Brady is a tummy sleeper so imagine having a cast and sling that would prevent you from sleeping in a position you feel the most secure in. He was also experiencing the worst gas and bloat from all the medication. The best advice I can you is bring OVOL!! We forgot it at home and the hospital didn’t have any medication they could give Brady to relieve his gas.
A quick trip to the store and a few doses of Ovol, he settled to sleep but every 3 hours we had to wake him to give him pain medication. This cycle of waking him every 3 hours continued for 4 days after we brought him home.

It took about a week for Brady to get used to moving around with only one arm. We were told that Brady may regress in terms on his development however our little guy is proving them wrong. He falls down and loses his balance a lot during the course of day but he gets right back up to try again. Brady is determined to walk and having the use of only one arm will not stand in his way.

We are only half through the road to a full recovery with 3 more weeks to go and therapy appointments starting soon. I’m also sure there are many more sleepless nights to come in the next few weeks but all these extra cuddles and snuggles make all the hard times melt away.

Photo by: @smithfieldphotography and @luckyfin_mamaof2 
Outfits: Kristal; Heart sweater – Lucky Fin Mama of 2 Apparel, Distressed Denim – Treasure and Bond from Nordstrom Rack, Liliac zip hoodie – Volcom, Shoes – Sketchers Brady; Top – Lucky Fin Mama of 2 Apparel and Black pants – Old Navy

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